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Not Ryan Reynolds

Nov 30, 2020 site fluff life

Firstly let me state for the blind and wantingly stupid, I really am not Ryan Reynolds. Why did I pick this name? I was sat on the sofa at 5.34am pondering my existence whilst simultaneously failing at sleep when I thought how cool would it be to not be Ryan Reynolds? No clearer? Welcome to my World.

So. Who am I and why does this exist? I am Not Ryan Reynolds. Some call me Hitch. I stream. I say things. I am often misconstrued and I like to talk. The latter being the perfect reason for this blog.

I have no real ideas about what content shall be placed here. I do know that most of it will be personal thoughts and of very little interest to the World at large. If you are reading this then I shall assume one of two things. You are very bored and/or you enjoy meaningless ramblings from a total stranger. This is fine. I like these things too. Hello fellow random person!

What follows is… Well, let’s just find out shall we?