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Unlock The Source

Jun 23, 2021 gaming fluff

I have a pet hate. Heck, I have a few but for this entry I have just the one. Blogs. Yes, I know I am writing this in a blog but the blogs I refer to are gaming blog sites pretending to be news sites. I am not digging at the sites in general though, more the way I am linked to them instead of the actual source of the article. Am I alone in wanting a direct source link instead of some egregious website thats only concern in life is to get hits.

Please, link me and everyone else to the source if you think they will find something interesting. Not only does it stop nefarious websites with zero talent pushing personal agendas (and most do) but it also takes people direct to the information they want, written by the people who just want you to say, play the game they made. Consider taking that extra step out of the equation for the person you care enough about to think they would find it interesting in the first place.

On the subject of blogs in general that pretend to be News sites, do people find them interesting? 99% of the articles written are just copy-pasta of the original article of interest anyway with zero thought or effort placed upon it by the ‘writer’. There are some better ones out there of course that attempt honesty and do not court deletion of things that they do not agree with, but these tend to be staffed by actual journalists and not self loathing little boys.

Free the source!

Was It That Bad?

Dec 27, 2020 fluff life

Was 2020 so bad? Really?

I write this after hearing a lot of the usual end of year comments “Thank (insert deity here) it’s over!” - “Next year will be better!” and I have to question if this year was any worse than any of the previous. Yes we have had an extra fear of dying whilst choking on our own snot and vomit from yet another bug, parasite, germ, disease, virus that seem to hit us firmly in the face in one variety or other but is that different that anything else in the 19th, 20th and 21st century? There is seemingly something to test us beyond the norm in most years for the past several hundred, maybe even several thousand of them. Its certainly been inconveniant but without meaning to somehow disparage any poor souls who have passed due to Covid-19 there has not been that many people lost compared to any previous year or decade that may not have tripped the light fantastic anyway due to age, health etc. Let me be clear, I am in no way saying this is unimportant and no more worrying that say the Flu because it plainly is, what I am saying is that it may not have made that much difference in the end, we shall never know because it is impossible to judge a current present with a possible present that may or may not have happened.

It’s certainly been a fairly normal year for this guy at least and in general this household. I admit that this Christmas holiday period has been different due to restricting travel and wearing masks in shopping centres but those things have been so minscule in reality the only real upset was that we didn’t always get to do what we wanted. Some people find that thought abhorrent but those people are selfish and afraid in general, we are not and as such it was just that, an inconvenience. As someone very close to the danger age bracket maybe it would have been worse had I caught it, and there is still a chance I could, but the inner me says i’d be fine and probably less sick than I was at the start of the year with a fairly normal Flu virus.

There is of course the financial aspects of certain business and they are still having trouble now but a lot of these businesses seem to be very fragile without any outside factors causing mayhem and a large part of me wonders how much of that is their own fault. Could it be that this extra on top merely pushed them over the edge because they were already teetering close to the cliff and assumed everything would be fine? Some, no. Some, yes. Does that make it right? Of course not but 2021, 2022 and beyond will not fix what is already broken if so and it WILL happen again if they do not change things around. To counter this, many of us got to work from Home for the same pay or close enough whilst our expenditures came in less due to transport etc. I won’t even get in to the argument that heating and food went up because thats mostly complete BS and is easily shot down with common sense. Speaking of working from Home, no more can they say “It doesn’t work” because it plainly does so when you all go back to the office and suggest working from Home again and they give you that look, just stare back because they know they are now fucked.

It sucked not being able to see family when we wanted but there appears to be just as many who were happy to take a break from family pressures and worries without having to make excuses because we already have the best one! “I can’t come Dad, Covid!”. For some of course not being able to take that Holiday was awful but… Well, I already mentioned those kind up there somewhere in a previous paragraph and they need less attention, not more.

There are some good things from this year too. We got rid of a Ginger asshole, or are at least in the process of it. We did some cool space shit. Global Warming became almost impossible to ignore even for the stupidest people and a lot of changes deemed to be bad turned out to be just fine after all, not that we will hear about them because (s) Brexit is only bad news (/s). We created new avenues for freindships as we curtailed social anxiety for many people by reaching out with the humble webcam. Online communities blossomed and became the norm reducing the social backlash that has hindered them for far too long because old people didn’t get it. The young of today stood out to be counted whilst the 20+ student generation showed their true face and stood out as selfish imbeciles (I count this as a good thing).

All in all, 2020 sucked. It sucked because every year sucks to some extent but it also ranged from great to fine to simply OK depending on how you delt with it and I guarantee 2021 will have just as many people at the end of it cursing the fact that some 91 year old celebrity died or some random shop in the middle of nowhere closed down and any other number of things that happen every single year regardless of pandemics.

With all that said, have a good end of year and a good next year. I certainly intend to make the best of whatever comes my way because otherwise, what the hell is the point?

Today is Maybe the Day

Dec 3, 2020 computers fluff

EXCITED! Today is the day, maybe… That my new PC build gets here and as mentioned in a previous post, I am pretty excited about it all. I need to move a chunk of gear about. I am pretty sure that for now I need to downsize to just two monitors (1st World problems eh?) but I think that may be for the best anyway. Do you use three monitors? I find my 3rd is turned off bar streaming times so its essentially wasted space for 90% of the time. I will need to buy a new 2k monitor so I have two of the same but I can ‘manage’ until then.

Sometime next year I will be grabbing a 1TB gen 4 SSD to fit in the ‘lightning’ slot. I need a new mouse… NEVER touching Steel Series again for cosmetic reasons… but as of today I am boosted heavily over my current gaming laptop setup. Don’t get me wrong, it did well but the heat issues caused by the newer top 2% games are now something I am tired of. So, you want some specs?

*MSI B550 Gaming Plus

*Ryzen 7 3700X

*32 GB 3200

*WD Blue SN550 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD

*Corsair TX550M, 550W PSU


*Gainward GeForce RTX 2060 Ghost

*Phanteks Eclipse P400A RGB Black

Its a RGB Neon tripping super upgradable DISCO loving hunk that has room for the latest AMD CPU next year and of course that tasty RTX 3070 when they are finally in stock at normal prices. All in all, very happy, very excited. Did I mention I am excited?

Emma has also been treated to a new PC for Christmas. Almost the same specs as mine but she went even better Ryzen CPU and some seriously tasty RAM. Had a lot of fun last night with her whilst we ate cake and built hers. Sadly the PSU on hers is faulty out of the box so that has to go back but she will be up and running soon I am sure. The cake was needed to cheer us both up when we realised it was broken. Cake is god tier.

To top yesterday off I recieved my Terrys Chocolate Orange Whites in the mail from the UK. Any day with a new PC, cake and a chocolate orange is a good day.

Not Ryan Reynolds

Nov 30, 2020 site fluff life

Firstly let me state for the blind and wantingly stupid, I really am not Ryan Reynolds. Why did I pick this name? I was sat on the sofa at 5.34am pondering my existence whilst simultaneously failing at sleep when I thought how cool would it be to not be Ryan Reynolds? No clearer? Welcome to my World.

So. Who am I and why does this exist? I am Not Ryan Reynolds. Some call me Hitch. I stream. I say things. I am often misconstrued and I like to talk. The latter being the perfect reason for this blog.

I have no real ideas about what content shall be placed here. I do know that most of it will be personal thoughts and of very little interest to the World at large. If you are reading this then I shall assume one of two things. You are very bored and/or you enjoy meaningless ramblings from a total stranger. This is fine. I like these things too. Hello fellow random person!

What follows is… Well, let’s just find out shall we?