May 28, 2021 gaming streaming life

Words are amazing things. Using words we can illuminate, educate, enhance, exasperate, decimate and more. We have, of late all learnt that words we used a decade or more ago are no longer acceptable in general society and so we learn newer words to describe things. I say newer though most are far older than the shorter, often insulting words we used later in human history. We do this not because we are inhibiting others but rather we are freeing them by not placing undue limits upon them. We are not black or white, we are neither stupid nor too smart for our own good. We are all on the spectrum in some way or another and so we, or at least I, learn to use other expressions that define with more clarity than before. Someone is not just gay, they can be many things that one word covered twenty years ago and was never enough. Someone else is not just disabled, they are inpaired in a wholly different way than the next person with a disability.

I, as a streamer feel that whilst I am no vanguard of humanity I do hold a certain responsibility to people who watch my streams and as such I choose to give them a safer place to be. A place where they can, if they so wish, express themselves to others without being name called or shamed in some way, be it verbally or other and because of this I draw lines in the sand that you cross at your own peril. This is my World and like it or not, my rules. I like to think my rules are just based around common decency for others. I will warn you and if you continue you shall be treated like you choose to treat others, with disdain.

Today, in my stream that line was crossed. Two people were banned. I do not time-out, I warn then they go or apoligise and move on. I do not time-out because it is a pointless excercise in futility. If you are homophobic or a mysoginist, if you choose to hate or degrade then me or my mods timing you out will not change your behaviour. If anything it will only increase your hostility as someone dares to challenge your outdated operandi modus and so, we ban. We cut you off, we forget about you, you cease to exist in our World and your hatred has less room to fester and propogate. Too all of those who dislike this, we do not care. We care even less that you end up caring more about being silenced.

Words are amazing things. You can use them how you wish and you have and always will have the abillity to use them as you wish. Just remember, we have the ability to use ours in the same way. We have the ability and right to ignore your hate or misplaced hostility.

I draw my line in the sand on all of your words. I draw a line at homophobics. I draw a line at racism. I draw a line at mysoginism and I draw a line at insulting those who are inpaired physically or mentally.

Move along.