Jan 4, 2021 computers streaming

It’s upgrade time! Again!

So, as anyone that reads this and/or watches my streams will know both myself and Emma bought new PCs for Christmas based, for me, around gaming and streaming. Well mine is getting a significant upgrade already when it comes to streaming. I am a huge fan of the Elgato Game Capture HD. I never have any real issues with it and for retro and modern its great when using external consoles and computers. What its not good at is streaming from my actual PC. I use one PC for streaming and gaming, using two is not worth the hassle given I also stream other things so as it was 1k NOK cheaper in the holiday sales I grabbed a 4K60 Pro to go inside the PC. This won’t help my retro in the slightest but what it should let me do is stream anything from my PC with virtually no extra overheads and have a lag free session on my monitor at the same time. I did the math! This will work!

I pick it up tomorrow with luck from the Post Office and it should be a quick install with little hassle. There is a possibility of software conflict with my old Capture Card but despite what some think I do know what I am doing and should be able to sort it :) What does this mean for anyone watching me? Well it should mean max framerates with everything on Ultra, including RTX which really does not like being screen captured. The test is in the tasting of course so hopefully on Tuesday we get to find out as I push my system to its limits on the stream and try to break it. Proof that I am a nerd is that I am excited to see how far I can go before it says “no!”.

I have been wanting to push more in to the modern games, especially the RTX stuff simply because its still fairly new and not many people have seen it. I also get to play my Retro in ways I have never done before with the likes of Quake II RTX and more. Looking forward to some more Minecraft RTX too. Does this mean bye bye Retro? No! Nothing changes bar my ability to play even more than I could before in the name of entertainment, or at least that is the plan.

See you with lush graphics on stream real soon!