Up and Running

Dec 9, 2020 computers life streaming

Back, up and running. New PC is a dream to use and has been providing me with a plethora of new games and some old that I can now run in ridiculous mode. Desk is super clean and I have loads of room and I am back streaming. No sign yet on that new job I am trying for and Christmas is booked for a few weeks down south in the family home. Beyond that, very little has happened.

I have firmly decided I will keep streaming even if I get this job though on a cut down basis but as Emma tells me, I need the outlet. She is, of course, correct. I think I also need the community I founded and have watched grow in to something I didn’t realise was so important to so many. Just the thought of me closing it all and walking away (which was never going to happen by the way) has brought me support and well wishes that I just did not expect but that warms me in some strange way so I am willing to accept it, humbly.

I feel that we, people in general, often fail to see the effect we have on others for good. Perhaps we get embarrassed or feel we do not deserve the praise but for whatever reason we rarely notice it. We do notice the bad we cause though, or at least I have done in the past. And yes, of course I have affected people the wrong way too, to say otherwise would be ignorant and egotistical… But regardless, the good is what I am focussing on here. I have been a force for good it seems. I feel very silly typing this out but this is exactly why this is here so, ya know? Without getting all full of myself, I am very happy that some deem me worthy of praise for some small efforts on my part to enhance, cheer, celebrate change and support people I meet. I feel happy enough to punch myself in the arm with a “you did OK”. That’s it though. Now we can all carry on as if nothing happened, thank you very much.

Sorry for the lack of a blog for the past few days. I had to wait for tech support to get me back online with Visual Studio Code (what I use to do this blog) and… well, I have been playing so many games i kinda forgot :)