Unlock The Source

Jun 23, 2021 gaming fluff

I have a pet hate. Heck, I have a few but for this entry I have just the one. Blogs. Yes, I know I am writing this in a blog but the blogs I refer to are gaming blog sites pretending to be news sites. I am not digging at the sites in general though, more the way I am linked to them instead of the actual source of the article. Am I alone in wanting a direct source link instead of some egregious website thats only concern in life is to get hits.

Please, link me and everyone else to the source if you think they will find something interesting. Not only does it stop nefarious websites with zero talent pushing personal agendas (and most do) but it also takes people direct to the information they want, written by the people who just want you to say, play the game they made. Consider taking that extra step out of the equation for the person you care enough about to think they would find it interesting in the first place.

On the subject of blogs in general that pretend to be News sites, do people find them interesting? 99% of the articles written are just copy-pasta of the original article of interest anyway with zero thought or effort placed upon it by the ‘writer’. There are some better ones out there of course that attempt honesty and do not court deletion of things that they do not agree with, but these tend to be staffed by actual journalists and not self loathing little boys.

Free the source!