Jun 25, 2021 gaming life

How sad it is that some people feed off negativity by trying to force it upon others. In all walks of life we will, at some point, have to deal with those who can only feel good by trying to make others feel bad but for me most comes during streams on Twitch. It’s not the first time I had to deal with it and it will not be the last but as ever I deal with it the same way, by taking the negative losers and instantly stopping them from continuing the behaviour.

What I find worse than those however are the ones who try to pass it off as a joke. It is not funny. You are not funny. You are merely a disruption waiting to be dismissed. These pathetic excuses for humanity either forget, or simply do not care, that some may feed on those negative comments and it not only offends but also disrupts lives. Many people teeter on a knifes edge of depression and trust me, it takes little to topple people over the edge.

I have covered this in my blog and stream before and we covered it a lot in last weekends immense charity stream for Safe In Our World and Mental Health awareness. I will not let my safe haven be an open battle ground for this behaviour. I do not feel that I am some white knight and yes, sometimes people do have to just deal but not always and not in my channel.

Feel free to not watch me if this upsets you. Feel free to not subscribe to me. Feel free to think that this upsets me to the point that I write this post. Nothing you do or say matters. How does that make you feel? I already know the answer, enjoy yourself and the pretend smile you are currently placing on your self, Mouth breather.