Gaming on a Cube

Jan 14, 2021 computers streaming retro

As many know I have one or two retro systems… This means I often ignore some because I either forget, cannot be arsed or simply never get around to it. Yesterday, after making a promise to viewers I pulled my Wii out to play Gamecube games and make sure it was all working. Part of the reason I haven’t done it for a long time is that its a wire hell with external HDDs and the like due to it being softmodded, aka run pirate games digitally. This is now fixed and I can run all GC games from the internal SD Card. Now the card is only 32gigs but given there are not that many GC games I care about this is more than enough for now. I am without Wii games though and this needs to be fixed to run the same way, something I will do at a later date.

The actual moving of files went well with no real hassle bar the game IDs because I used the old method which requires a game to be named after its offial ID, aka GEMP01 instead of the actual name. This wasn’t hard, but was time consuming compared to the rest. The new method now has folders named however you want, I use the game name because it makes sense, which makes life much easier. Surprisingly the NAND was intact and the Virtual Console games also ran as intended so Mario 64 could also be a thing. Mario Kart 64 runs like ass though, why did anyone buy that on VC?

A cheap Wii2HDMI is also being used. I think it cost me like a fiver 2 years back and then I never used it. This, again, makes life easier with my new set-up detailed in another entry in this blog. Plug in, turn on, play game, stream. Easy. Let the Nintendo streams begin!

Side news, also installed a EVO m2 SSD as my 2nd “drive” so back to normal storage space now. Amazingly it runs faster than my main SSD despite being on the slower PCIe. Also, this blog needs pictures…