Feb 28, 2021 retro life

This past week I decided to re-engage with some of the retro community. I pulled back from a lot of it on a personal level because, well lets be honest here, it’s got some right dicks in it. All communities do of course, this is nothing new nor special to retro gaming but I always felt the retro gaming community could do better than it often does and as such I felt more disapointment than maybe I should when they devolved back in to silly fanbois with “mine’s better than yours”. I should say I have also done this, but to justify myself a little, perhaps mostly to myself. It was done when backed up against a wall by the aforementioned fanbois. When in a balanced conversation I may joke that the CD32 is an STD and that the C64 is a brown based waste of time, but I don’t actually mean it, I just come off strongly because you have to shout to be heard over some of these people. The reality, all retro is cool to someone and thats why it is great.

So anyway, my social engagement has started again. Not with everyone but with those I feel a mutual respect with, those that know about retro in general and those that have the intelligence to see the good and bad in all the systems. Twitch has had a lot to do with this as I slowly dump the haters I have met along the way. The sad defilers of enjoyment and discussion can DIAF. I am here to talk retro, to play ALL retro. No better, best, worse, just entertainment and fun from a bygone era that some of us think deserve preservation and love.

In doing so I would like to thank some of those who helped me come back from the edge of social obscurity outside of my Twitch channel. I am doing it in here because the haters cannot reply and will probably not even see it. The ones I thank, if they do see it, can’t say a damn thing to me and make me feel awkward!

I shall start with the regulars. Kola, Pixels, Edd, Hicks and Grey. I call them my crew and I mean it not as a leader but as a fellow equal. They always seem to have my back even when I may not entirely deserve it. As mentioned on a stream recently, I would hunt their murderers down and steal back the stolen memories. They also stream the things I enjoy (‘cept for Edd who really should!). We like the same things despite also being very different. They are the pinnacle of a community that may be small but with those hearts within, it feels huge.

Throwing some love to Beanhed81, he who I constantly annoy with my dissing of the CD32 but takes it on the chin like a pro. He who enjoys colour over puke greens and dull browns and knows the simple truth of SEGA Saturn. It is the best. He is the best. I am extremely lucky to have found him and as with the guys above I feel if we lived closer then many an hour at the pub would be had talking shit about old dead things with smiles on our faces.

To AmigaBill. A fanbois that I actually like! He may well defend the Amiga but his appreciation for all retro is apparent and his community should feel lucky he leads it. Possibly the nicest guy I have never met.

The AntStream team. Only spoke to a couple but the obvious love for retro in general and the desire to spread the word of old is something that makes me proud to be a part of that team. I always say that i will never promote that which I do not like and enjoy no matter what they pay me and i’d promote them for free. Just don’t tell them, OK? Lol. If you see this BK, just ignore it! Special shout out to Woody. He has been in my corner since taking over from other people and I really do feel like the lad would catch me if I fell backwards with my eyes closed. Jim, I can say no more than you ‘Mother Fucking Legend’ <3

And last but certainly not least to my community. The place you hang with me has changed over the years. The names changed, the people have changed but you guys are the best my community has ever been by a million miles. I thank you from the heart. You make my “job” a pleasure and even when I contemplate ending it (the streams not myself) its knowing you guys are out there that pulls me back so i enjoy it again. Dazza, Sparkles, Coconut, Steve, Prof, Bovine, Berz, Smol boy and girl, Rhino, Gaffer, Tas and everyone else who support me just by being around on my streams and in my Discord. Hugs. I left a ton of people out, you are just as important to me but I have to stop otherwise the list would look like one of Pixels excel sheets!

The biggest thank you goes to Pinkemma. She will probably tell me to “fuck off nerd” and whilst doing so will bring me some cinnamon covered apple slices during my stream. This is why she is simply the best. Trust me, without her behind me you lot would have no streams.

A silly post in many ways, but I felt the need to say it and now I have.

Keep it real. Keep it retro!