The day my childhood died

Aug 5, 2021 life

Today, at the age of 53, my childhood passed in the night with a gentle sigh.

I realised, with a sudden dawning of understanding, that I shall likely never go to space. I shall never feel a lack of gravity. I shall never see with my naked eye the wonder that is the Universe at large. I was born too soon. Science is getting there too slowly. I am not saddended by this, there are far more good things in my life than bad and the let down is not as sudden as the actual realisation. Its is, what it is.

I, like many others were told as a child that I was born ahead of my time. I drew the future, I dreamed the fiction. I am and always have been a spaceman in my heart and mind but I am not a Billionaire. I am too old to work my way there and Science has, to a degree, let me down in my quest to travel to the stars. Again, it is what it is.

No Aliens have contacted me and offered me a free trip to planets unknown. I do not have a magical Electronic Thumb to hitch a ride on a passing Destructor Fleet and I probably wouldn’t enjoy the poetry anyway. I should add that if any passing Aliens read this, I am an excellent example of the Human Race. I do not desire what many seem to and I am not afraid… Well, If you look like terrestial Spiders I may need a moment to realign my senses and primal fears BUT I can overcome them!

It is, what it is. It is however, saddening.

I mourn my childhood yet I also celebrate that I nearly made it. I was so close and I shall still dream.