Broken Games - Part 1

Aug 27, 2021 muse gaming retro

In the ancient lands of Moo-Moo it is commonly known that modern games are always broken only to be repaired at a later date with patches and DLC and Retro games are perfect, always worked as intended and never required a patch or re-release. Of course in actual reality the entire previous sentence is complete and utter crap.

I have recently had the great pleasure of playing and completing the awful, unfinished, buggy disaster that is Aliens: Colonial Marines. Only issue… it was really good! Yes, there is a typo in one small section of the code that “fixes” the Xeno A.I. but I played assuming this was now fixed and really had no issues beyond the occasional glitch, that was when I realised I still had to change it myself. Do the ALANS move better now? Yes, but it was not game breaking. Far from it.

I completed the game after roughly 9 hours of tense battles, slightly iffy stealth and the occasional firefight with some Weyland humans, which was also very enjoyable and broke the game up in to around four seperate styles of gameplay. I am currently part way through the same game but now in co-op with a freind, who just happens to be called Hicks IRL due his affinity with the movies. The code typo is fixed and its blistering good fun! This is the game that many rate as the killer of all Alien games and… It’s just not true. Is it the greatest game ever created? Don’t be daft, that goes to 3D Deathchase on the ZX Spectrum! But, its easily a 7 outa 10 kinda experience.

The story could end there and the cynics could go back to living in the lands of Moo-Moo but I also got in to another game this past couple of weeks that has a very similar reputation to Colonial Marines, but for very different reasons. Star Citizen has had and is still having a Free-Fly Week so I jumped in expecting to be very unimpressed and… yeah, I bought the game now.

WHAT!? But Hitch how could you do this? Star Citizen is only backed now by idiots who have already spent way too much money and can never admit that its truly awful, a scam, an unfinished mess that shall never be completed! I mean, maybe? I won’t deny that I thought the same and still do in some ways.

Is it a scam? Lets clear that one up first. No. Anyone who has invested even just a few days in the game to a real extent will happily say the game is in no way a scam. its a fucking money sink but no, not a scam.

So? Buggy? Incomplete? A mess? Never be finished? I cannot answer the last one so I leave that to the game Gods but as for buggy, incomplete and a mess? For fucking sure, lol. Thing is, like Aliens: Colonial Marines, what you do get is fun, frantic and glorious to play when it all works (which is about 80% of the time so far for me). It has issues but like Aliens I will say no more than you often get with a Bethesda game, and we keep buying those don’t we? Even the truly awful ones, but what you do get is pure gameplay heaven for the likes of me who wants to live in a reality that is not my own where I get to fly space ships and land on moons and planets my real eyes will never see.

There is more than enough content in the game right now to satisfy most players and lets not forget this is still an Alpha, though that excuse for some bugs doesn’t work for me after nearly 10 years… It IS still in said Alpha, like it or not. At the end of the day this game is no more broken than some Creed games have been but offers far more when it works.

One huge thing the game has going for it is the community. I expected a bunch of bitter vets, like my end game experience with EVE-Online but so far, they are just helpful and nice, even the pirates! Honestly, maybe the pirates are even more helpful because they want you to play the game! And yes, piracy is an option I am looking at too. I will certainly be taking the PVP route at some point because… well, ex EVE-Online player who did much more than carebear in Empire… cough. So yes, community. Just now I had a guy travel from a Moon to land at my spaceport to take a lift to my floor because I had a ghost elevator, aka it wasn’t there and I was stuck. He just shouts in global chat that he is coming to help me. On the way we picked up a guy who was also stuck on a different floor, then we talked about going to kill Xeno terrorist groups as a team. Not many games do this anymore.

I guess the entire point of this post is to say, do not judge a book by what others say. We all do it, I have done it many times! And if a game is broken, it doesn’t mean its a bad game, it just means it broken, just like all those Retro Games that “always came working as intended…”. Yeah, that’s for part 2 :)

Safe flying Citizens! Unless you are after a little more anyway!