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Welcome to the Angry Porcupines forums!

The Angry Porcupines are a group of mature games who enjoy gaming.

We allow anyone, regardless of whether they're hard core games, casuals, mmoers, retrofans, prefer multiplayer or single player. If you play games and can interact on a mature level you're good in our book!

If you wish to join us in mature discussion and gaming, feel free to register.It'll be a few hours before you are vetted and allowed in.

Or you can sign in with your Twitter ID by pressing the Sign in with Twitter button. You'll be in instantly! Feel free to post a small introduction!

What do we do?

We discuss anything regarding games, reviews, opinons, whatever. We also try to get multiplayer games going, be they Minecraft, or Payday, or L4D, or Civilization. Whatever people want to play with other, nice people!