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  • Terrys Nostalgia

    Terrys Nostalgia

    As an older guy I naturally have nostalgia for past days, especially ones based around holidays like Christmas. I like the Yuletide period. To me Christmas has always been about family, food and relaxing. The gifting of presents is nice, as is receiving, but its…

  • New Socks

    New Socks

    See, I am not just about the Retro. Sometimes I am about the socks too! Plus I am drinking tea, with chocolate… in the tea. Nom!

  • Kid Niki – Ninja!

    Kid Niki – Ninja!

    For many years I have always wanted to own Flynns Arcade from the movie Tron. Show me a kid my age who didn’t! Now I have one, of sorts, its been a very interesting ride even at this early stage. Take Kid Niki, Radical Ninja.…

  • Pinge!


    Just wanted to throw a massive thank you to Pinge for the recent package of Arcade PCBs. Such a wonderful fella who will get massive hugs when I meet him, probably some beers too! The actual PCBs will be featured over time in here as…

  • Something… new!

    Something… new!

    So, I have decided to make this an actual full blog on my retro gaming life. This will include some Arcade PCB reviews, console mods etc and a little of anything related to me gaming be it on Twitch or just for myself. I should…