Just wanted to throw a massive thank you to Pinge for the recent package of Arcade PCBs. Such a wonderful fella who will get massive hugs when I meet him, probably some beers too!

The actual PCBs will be featured over time in here as I play them and get opinions on the games. One is already done and can be found in the blog. That makes 10 games now plus the MVS and carts (which I bought from Mr Kola in the USA) so I feel like I can call myself an actual Arcade Streamer now and not just someone who dabbles.

Sadly this is not my arcade, yet!

Boards currently owned are:

  • The Last Day
  • Tetris
  • Rush ‘N’ Attack
  • Shadow Dancer
  • 1943
  • Garuka
  • Double Dragon
  • Logic Pro 2
  • Super Shangai – Dragons Eye
  • Kid Niki
  • MVS with 150-1

Already got some faves in that list and hoping to push some 1cc runs soon!