You have found the very first post for ‘famed’ Twitch streamer RetroHitch and his quest to review all the ZX Spectrum (The BEST 8-bit Computer) games he streams on Twitch.

Watch me on the link below then read what I think in here. Agree, disagree. Its all good!

Ratings are all hearts because we are not doing negatives here. Even if only one heart I still loved it just not as much as five!

Every single game reviewed or talked about will be played or has been played on my Twitch live stream so please go follow that for live games and updates on Real Hardware! The reviews will be short, to the point but hopefully enough for you to re-live your nostalgia or get excited to play something new to you. Old games, new games, it will be in here!

Click Here for the channel:

As for me, I am just a guy who loves streaming all kinds of consoles and computers but the Spectrum is my childhood favourite so I will just be talking about Sinclairs wonder on this blog. Comment, join me live, and hopefully enjoy!